Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fisher Price Dino Dreams Kai Lan

Dino Dreams Kai Lan is a soft and huggable sleepy-time doll with sound effects. The sound effects are perfect for bedtime. Kai Lan sings a lullaby and has 10-13 phrases that help Dino and the little girl fall asleep. Dino Dreams Kai Lan is perfect for bedtime Kai Lan is soft and easy to sleep […]

Fisher-Price Dora the Explorer Sleepy Dreams Dora

Fisher-Price Sleepy Dreams Dora Your little one will feel like a real mommy when she lies Sleepy Dreams Dora down for bed. Dora is a soft, snuggly doll with that adorable toddler look. She plays a sweet lullaby as her bracelet lights up and twinkles to music. The light on her bracelet even remains glowing […]